FCCA's first logo was created in 1994 when the constitution was finalized.  During 1997 the logo under went a slight change, as seen of the right logo on the right was used on our official letterheads, especially on our letters of the Department of Home Affairs.

The same logo was used until FCCA was registered as an Art 21 Co. in 2010.
As covering body of FCCA-Int, FCCA remains as an separate entity. In 2012 Pieter Engelbrecht was able to add the animated flame to the Logo to bring to life the original picture Thys had in his spirit  for the logo.
The final Change in the Logo took place in 2004 when one of the ministries that are part of FCCA was based in an overseas country.

The map of the world was placed behind the logo and the word: International was added below.
The Official Logo of FCCA-Int
In 2010 the logo of FCCA was registered after an attempted hijack of the Fellowship and it's logos.

During our first conference in March 2010 the churches and ministries contributed that the Art 21 Co and the logo could be registered.

We are thankful to the Almighty that He protected the Fellowship during the attempted hijack.
The FCCA-Int Logo comprises of three elements: Africa, the Cross and the Dove.

                Father called us to reach Africa with the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

The Cross:
        The symbol of the price our Messiah paid that we can be saved. The cross is never something to be proud of; it is what was achieved on the cross that we cherish.

The Dove:
        The symbol of the baptism in and being led by the Holy Spirit.
Animated flag images by 3DFlags.com