The Rooms
In the bus to the domestic side of the airport
Lagos Domestic
The Actual Hotel
Airport at Lagos

The Hotel
The Shower
The Welcome!
The Heat had us sit in the shade
The Food was delicious
Mama Williams and Apostle John
Lucy looked after us well
We sent for bananas and got egg rolls
The Salad!
So was the juice
The Guesthouse
The Rooms
Sometimes it rained
And when the sun shined the washing came out
The Shower!
Washing dishes
Egg and chips
Apostle Justice
& Evang Patience
SA High Commission in Nigeria Mr Godfrey Mulaudzi
Thys & Magdel, Johlan & Elna
at Zuma
Visit with Prof Gana
a Hotel that was abandoned because of witchcraft 30 years ago
In town cattle kraal
The Kadas - motorcycle taxis
Bishop Silas, wife and baby
Advert on T-shirt
The Team from Abuja
Pastor Oprah
Johlan and Elna Ministers
Colorful dresses in Minna
Jaguar Scooter
All night youth conference
The Church in Minna
The Team in Minna
Rejoice Williams
Past Aikins Doh from Ghana
From a young age they give
The worship team
Magdel at the hotel entrance
The Hotel in Minna
Miracle and Rejoice Dancing
Yam - Patato like veggie
Smoked Fish
Furniture Showroom
The Butchery
A Brand New Kada
The Kada Motor Cycle Taxis
All of these stall are left unguarded at night and nothing is stolen
Ready to go home
Thys and Johlan appointed as Chiefs in Nigeria
A Last Prayer
At the Airport
The Chiefs
Our last Meal