Why was ReRegistration necessary?

Over the past 21 years we gave 668 couples or individuals an opportunity to stand in ministry officially.  The problem occurred because we issued an ordination based on qualification and not on relationships being built. Currently about 280 couples and individuals are still walking with us.

Any Membership Card with a date older than 31 July 2015 are not valid and most not be accepted!

Any Ordination Certificate older than 1 January 2016 and no longer valid and must not be accepted!

We have been giving members ample time to reregister.

We found that there are MANY people still ministering under the name of FCCA-Int, and are still using our membership cards, but have no relationship with the Fellowship and therefore no accountability.

We can unfortunately not recommend that they be allowed to minister to people without being scrutinized by your leadership.


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Every new member will receive a Membership Certificate when they First join FCCA-Int. The membership certificate must be renewed annually.
The Membership card has a date on the right hand bottom of the card to show the renewal date of the card. If the date is not current it might mean that the person's membership has expired and must be confirmed with FCCA-Int. Please enquire by e-mail.
At the bottom of the ordination certificate a date is displayed to indicate when the certificate must be renewed. If this date is not current it means that the person's membership has expired and must thus be confirmed with FCCA-Int.

After 31 July 2016 all ordination certificates issued before 2015, will no longer be valid, immaterial of the expiry date.
When a person has a re-registration certificate there is a renewal date at the bottom, and if passed it indicates the the certificate is no longer valid. FCCA-Int's Seal is on the right hand bottom of the certificate.