The Elders Board was forced to take a decision that will have an influence on all future membership applications. We have found that more than half of the people applied for membership in the past was for own personal advantage.

We cannot accept people that wanted to be ordained just to be recognized in the church where they are members or to be appointed as marriage officers for financial or personal gain.

So many people have been unfaithful in their commitment to FCCA, not only financially but also in attending our conferences. Such people cannot be part of FCCA.

In the future we:
  1. We will need two written recommendations by two ordained pastors that is in ministry with full contact details to   confirm the recommendations,
  2. Every application will be screened by the Board for approval
  3. Every accepted member will  have to appear before the board or an representative of the board in their region or closest region
  4. Every accepted member will have to attend at least two conferences before ordination 
  5. All financial commitment will have to be met before ordination
  6. Membership Cards will only be handed over at the first conference after the conference on which they were ordained and not by mail.
  7. New Members that are new in the ministry will have to complete a 1 year BCC course, at their own cost, with FCCA-IBC.
Members will be ordained or appointed in the following fields:
We urge churches and ministries that wants to appoint someone with a ordination certificate from FCCA that has not been renewed or aren't in possession of a current FCCA-Int membership card, to contact us to confirm that they are still in good standing with FCCA.