Contact Information:
Past Gerd and Sonja Luüs
Tell: 034 315 2637
Fax: 086 606 9400
9 van der Bijl street
Industrial Site
P.O. Box 7838
Plek van Heling
Place of Healing
Raphah Newcastle was the first upliftment centre that was developed in FCCA and by FCCA. After an initial crisis linked to the centre the Executive Board of FCCA stepped in and appointed Gerd Luüs as the Centre Manager and senior pastor of the assemble, he then married Sonja - what a blessing!

Gerd is an anointed minister of the Salvation Message of our Lord Jesus our only and true Messiah. He is also an outstanding manager that hears the Voice of the Father clearly. Throughout his stay at Raphah, Place of Healing in Newcastle, he and Sonja endured many severe attacks and many lies were spread in the community about them - but they endured!

Sonja is one of the best Admin Managers I have ever worked with. The admin system she developed will be used in every Upliftment Centre that will be established in the future. She is a committed wife to Gerd and an excellent mother to her children. As the parents of the Centre many people share their hearts with them.

They are training leaders for the future to be used in our centres throughout South Africa

The Centres are not yet ready to handle drug and or alcohol cases. These cases are referred to institutions that are qualified to handle it.

We are proud of the level of work that is being achieved at Raphah Newcastle.
Gerd Luüs
Center Manager