Chris Viljoen received his Doctorate on 29 October 2011
Title: Intercessory Prayer Model as a Weapon for Spiritual Warfare within the Context of Spiritual Counseling.

The vision of this thesis is to combine intercessory prayer and deliverance during spiritual counseling as a weapon against spiritual warfare. The mission is to develop a model to help spiritual counselors with prayer warfare.

The objective is to conclude a background investigation into the Word of God, together with the necessary literature study that will be used in the thesis.

The strategy is to set the research objectives, the development of models and illustrations that can be used as learning material.

The tactics are to provide and discuss biblical texts and practical examples of how these techniques, methods or strategies would be applied in the basis of this thesis.

The purpose of this thesis is to discuss the concepts of intercession and spiritual warfare as a weapon during spiritual counseling and the combination of these concepts.

Currently there are numerous writings about intercession, deliverance and counseling, but nothing about intercessory prayers within counseling concept.
The Model
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