We believe that the Lord has called the Fellowship to reach out to all the peoples of the world (Mat 28:18-20).

Part of our vision is to give membership and therefore covering to churches and ministries that are functioning on their own. We will also give provisional ordination, which has to be renewed every year, to ministers that are active in the ministry or lay-ministry and who became part of Fellowship of Christian Churches in Africa-International.


Mark 3:14 and he ordained twelve, that they should be with him, and that he might send them forth to preach.

God ordains someone when and where it suits Him. Man does not ordain anyone to work in the Kingdom of God.

FCCA-Int only gives recognition to what God has already started someone's life.

Ordination in FCCA is only for people that are prepared to become part of FCCA, attend the conferences and submit to the authority of the Executive Board. Ordination can't be purchased at a price.

Ministers that doesn't keep to the commitments they made when joining will lose their membership and ordination recognition.

Commitments like:


Our finances are received from monthly administration fees, tithes paid by Ministries and Churches who are part of the Fellowship as well as love offerings given as the Lord lay upon people's hearts.


  1. Once your application is accepted you will be under FCCA's corporate cover.
  2. If the minister of the Associated Local Church or ministry is not ordained we will give them the opportunity to be ordained once all requirements are met.
  3. We will then as part of the ordination supply you with Ministerial ID card and Ordination Certificate of the Fellowship. Ordination and re-registration will only take place after all fees have been paid and proof thereof is faxed and confirmed. All fees paid to FCCA-Int are irrevocable.
  4. Applicants that are new in Ministry will have to do a Diploma or other acceptable Bible School Course that are accepted and approved by FCCA-Int or give proof that such a course has been completed successfully.
  5. As Administrative National Office we will assist you with all church matters in which you might require assistance.
  6. Application for Marriage Officer's appointment will only take place after the first ReRegistration is completed and will only be valid as long as the minister is part of FCCA-Int.
  7. Marriage Officers appointment is a service that FCCA Renders and is approved by the Dept of Home Affairs. FCCA cannot be held accountable if the appointment is not approved.

  1. FCCA-Int will under no circumstances be or ever become a denomination. Each Ministry or Church that moves in under FCCA-Int's covering will be in an association relationship with FCCA-Int with the focus on fellowship. No Church or   Ministry will be allowed to form a denomination-like body in FCCA-Int.
  2. We decline the right to have control over the Pastors, Leaders and Members of the Churches and Ministries who are part of FCCA-Int.
  3. We don't have any claim whatsoever on any buildings or other property belonging to the Church or Ministry.
  4. We will assist in administering discipline where the Church or Ministry requires such assistance. FCCA-Int will have the right to investigate any negative actions and or complaints that are brought to our attention, as and when we are lead of the Lord. The membership of any Churches or ministries that refuses such an investigation will be terminated immediately.
  5. All aspects of ministry must be subject to the Word of God and be measurable.

Gay or lesbian persons will not be ordained in FCCA-Int this situations has been resolved. Anyone that doesn't reveal the truth about their sexual orientation will be suspends with immediate effect when this information becomes known.

Lev 20:13
If a man also lies with mankind, as he lies with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination. They shall surely be put to death. Their blood shall be on them.

Rom. 1:26-27
for this cause, God gave them up to dishonorable affections; for even their women changed the natural use into 27 that which is against nature. And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust toward one another; males with males working out shamefulness, and receiving in themselves the recompense which was fitting for their error.


  1. You do what God has called you to do.
  2. You support the stand FCCA-Int makes on purity of the Christian Faith.
  3. You keep contact with FCCA-Int leadership on a regular basis, to keep FCCA-Int up to date with any address or personal information changes. If any pastor doesn't maintain contact with FCCA-Int head office for longer than six months, it will be accepted that the church or ministry is not active anymore and the pastor's membership will be reconsidered.
  4. Smoking and use of alcohol in public is not acceptable to FCCA-Int and will lead to suspension.
  5. The non-refundable registration fee for a pastor or pastoral couple the registration fee is R2,200.
  6. Assemblies that are not part of a denomination become part of FCCA-Int and are expected to pay a tithe to FCCA-Int. Please use your FCCA-Int Member Number as reference.
  7. A monthly administration fee of R220 is payable to FCCA-Int by each pastor or pastoral couple registering as one with your FCCA pastor's number as reference. An assembly or church that has to pay a tithe of more than R220 to FCCA-Int does not have to pay an additional administration fee. Members that does not pay the Admin Fee for 6 (six) months, their membership will be suspended.
  8. You attend our pastor's conference each year that will be held in Pretoria. Members that are overseas will not be forced to attend due to the extravagant expenses they might have to incur. Regional conferences are held in Leeudoringstad and Rustenburg and members are expected to attend their regional Conferences as well as one (1) National conference in Pretoria. Members that miss the conferences regularly might have their membership revoked.
  9. Send us a quarterly report of activities of your church- or ministry's activities - snail-mail or e-mail. In the event that no reports are received for a period of six months, it will be accepted that the church or ministry is not active anymore and the pastor's membership will be reconsidered.
  10. Re-register after the first year and thereafter bi-annually with fully completed membership application, registration fee (only for the first re-registration and the amount for registration and re-registration is the same) and new photos. Thereafter every 2 years with a ReRegistration fee of R500-00 with a 20% increase every time.
  11. Re-registration will only take place after it was found that your church or ministry was positively active for the past year.
  12. The decision to terminate the membership of a pastor, ministry or church is final. The decision will not be taken lightly.
Accepting membership in FCCA-Int means that you will attend our Conferences that are held in Pretoria three times a year. Being a full member has the responsibility of attending the AGM that is held in March every year. It is the responsibility of the full members to ensure that only Father's will is being done in FCCA.
Membership in the Fellowship are defined as: