The Miracle man
Serving a Miracle Working GOD

All the glory from this testimony goes to the Lord God Almighty and no glory to me or Magdel, my Proverbs 31 wife.  The Lord is faithful and true.

To Magdel                                                M = Miracle

You are my Proverbs 31 wife.

Thank you for your commitment, support, prayers, faithfulness and love.  Without you it would have been 100 times more difficult.  You visited me 667 times while I was in SBAH.

Thank you for carrying me in prayer the whole time and for anointing me so faithfully every night.  You guarded next to my bed, outside the theatre and whenever I went for scans, sonars and x-rays.  You were just always there.

Thank you for the meals you brought so faithfully - and the Greek salads!
You are an example to so many women.  A number of the nursing staff said to me that they wish they could be a wife like you to their husbands or future husbands.
I love you!


Steve Biko Academic Hospital (SBAH)

31/01/2009:        I was admitted at SBAH with terrible pain at the top of my stomach and vomiting.  I couldn't keep anything down, not even water and was sent to ward 6.4.
I met a man that was bubbling with joy, Deon Putter.  He had restored his relationship with Christ about two weeks before I was admitted in hospital.  We spent hours sharing the Word and he was hungry to learn more about Jesus.  He died of a blood clot in the lungs on 14 May 2009.  I lost a wonderful friend while I was in the coma.

Sonars and scans showed gallstones as well as pancriatitis.  Mr. Frans du Plessis, a fellow patient in the ward,  was operated on to remove his gallbladder and they found an abscess inside him.       

Prof. Karusseit then investigated all the scans, sonars and x-rays to try and find out why the infection level in my body was so high.  The level was 296 where it was supposed to be only 10.       

He found an abscess almost the size of an ostrich egg.  When the abscess was drained by sticking a needle into it from outside it squirted almost 500 ml of puss into the bag in less than one minute.
A CVP was put in to my main artery by Dr Sepeng because of drips that was in my veins continuously and was changed 8 times throughout my stay in hospital

Up to then I had lost 36 kg in weight.

24/02/2009        A stent was inserted in the tube connected to the gall bladder to allow gall stones to go through to the big intestine.

25/03/2009:        I was allowed to go home for a few days but I vomited 12 times in less than 2 days.

26/03/2009:        Magdel rushed me back to casualties at SBAH because I had lost 4 more kilograms and a lot of strength.       

M Dr. Hartley remarked that if we came an hour later it would have been too late.  28/03/2009:        Dr. Hartley and Prof. Karusseit performed an operation to put a drain pipe into the remaining part of the abscess and also found that the abscess caused perforation and an obstruction in the small intestine.  They did a bypass in the intestine.       

I was admitted to ward 4.2 - the multi discipline high care unit and was treated by Prof. Pretorius, Dr. Vlok, Dr. Odendaal and later Dr. Stears.       

I suffered from continuous high fever attacks which reached a high of 42.3

07/05/2009:        My pulse rate rose to 190 bpm and Dr. Vlok decided to shock my heart to get the heart to return to the normal pace. 

08/05/2009:        My condition was so critical that the Dr Odendaal advised Magdel to call the children to come and say to me what they wanted to say because they were going to sedate me and they  couldn't guarantee that I would wake up afterwards.       

M I experienced septic shock (sepsis).  It was so bad that the puss oozed from the wound of the operation of 28/03/2009.  The sepsis was supposed to kill me but our Mighty God just said "No, he is not going to die" and the sepsis was healed.        

Kidney failure occurred and I was transferred to ICU - ward 4.9.  I experienced breathing problems; my lungs collapsed and I was put on a ventilator. They accidentally broke one of the crowns in my mouth.       

M My body was swollen very much.  My arms were about 15 cm in diameter; my stomach was massive.  I was on the dialysis machine for 3.5 hours per day for 3 days.  The fourth day my kidneys functioned normal and the swelling came down.         

I was supposed to wake up after 3 - 4 days but I slipped into a coma and only opened my eyes after 11 days on 19/05/2009.  Although I could communicate with Magdel and the doctors, I could not move my hands, arms, legs and feet.  I was classified as a quadriplegic.        

One of the professors told Magdel that she must prepare herself that I might not be able to move ever again.  As he walked away she said to herself: "You do not know my God!"

21/05/2009:        They did a MRI-scan of my brain, chest and stomach and found that I had a blood clot in my right lung
M and a colloid cyst in the brain that obstructed the normal draining of the fluid from the brain.  It also caused increase pressure on the brain which they thought caused the immobility of my body.       

An emergency neuro-surgical operation was done to insert tubes to relief pressure on the brain.       

An operation to remove the cyst was scheduled for 22/05/2009.

M Prof. Shapiro, one of South Africa's foremost brain surgeons, cancelled the operation because my condition was too severe and a low plated count.  He felt that I would die during the operation.  A MRI-scan showed clear signs of lentiforme nucleus infarct that took place - I had a severe stroke. The stroke caused my arms and hands and my legs and feet to be paralyzed but did not affect my brain, face or speach. 

23/05/2009:        A tracheostomy was inserted in my throat because I was on the ventilator for an extended period and had ET tubes through my mouth. This was done to control infection and better ventilation

27/05/2009:        A diagnostic proof puncture was done - draining and cleansing sinuses.

02/06/2009:        The video swallow test was done again and I could not swallow.

03/06/2009:        My little finger moved.  The professor told Magdel that they should not get too excited because it could just be reflex. 

05/06/2009:        It was found that I could not swallow normally. My condition improved to such an extent and the fact that I was no longer on the ventilator, I was transferred back to ward 4.2 - the high care ward.  I moved my feet and knees.

10/06/2009:        The video swallow test was done again and I still could not swallow.

11/06/2009:        A PEG tube was inserted into my stomach to enable them to feed me.

12/06/2009:        Again a  video swallow test was done again and I once again I could not swallow. They repeated the test on the 15th; still no success.

M The video swallow test was done again and I swallowed 100%. 

M The tracheotomy was removed and I could immediately speak normal.  My speech was not affected by the stroke and my brain function was 100%.         

Dr Vlok phoned ward 6.4 find out if there was a bed available.  There was and Dr Vlok said that he was sending them the miracle man.  The Sister asked: The medical man? No, he answered, the miracle man. Why you call him the miracle man, she asked.  His answer was: Because of the number of miracles God did in his life to get him where he is today.

19/06/2009:        I was transferred to a normal ward - ward 6.4.       

My situation continued to improve steadily.

20/06/2009:        I was able to drink water and eat normal for the first time since 31/01/2009 and keep the food down.  My intestines functioned perfectly.

25/06/2009:        I sat for the first time on the side of the bed with help from the physiotherapist.

26/06/2009:        I touched my nose with my right hand.

27/06/2009:        I took a sausage in my right hand and ate it without help.

06/07/2009:        I walked in the hoist to get the feeling of walking again.

09/07/2009:        I went to the gym on level 3 to exercise with the physiotherapists and this continued daily when possible.

14/07/2009:        I could sit on the side of the bed with assistance.

25/07/2009:        I got my first weekend pass to attend my grandson's birthday party.

M The catheter was removed after 4 months and I had 100% control of my bladder.

04/08/2009:        I stood with the help of the physiotherapist.

17/08/2009:        Ethel Remmers, the physiotherapist, took me to exercise in the heated pool inside SBAH.

18/08/2009:        With the help of Ethel I walked in the pool.

19/08/2009:        I walked in the pool without any help.

20/08/2009:        I vomited again and clear signs of bleeding in the stomach were found.

21/08/2009:        I went for a gastroscopy and a large ulcer was found.  Professor Ali injected adrenaline into the ulcer and the bleeding stopped.

M I stood by myself and later I walked about 10 steps without help.

26/08/2009:        I was discharged from SBAH after 7 months.

31/08/2009:        I was admitted to Tshwane Rehabilitation Centre.

01/09/2009:        An evaluation was done and it was found that I needed a lot of help and that it could take up to 8 weeks of intensive exercising before I could walk completely on my own.  I was classified as someone with a high fall risk.

07/09/2009:        A hernia was found to have formed at the top end of the operation wound.

14/09/2009:        I walked 100 steps without assistance.

16/09/2009:        I walked 200 m from the gym to the ward without assistance.       

A re-evaluation was done and I improved so much that Evette, the physiotherapist, felt that I could be discharged very soon.

30/09/2009        I was discharged from the rehab centre after only three and a half weeks.

07/10/2009        Form the first time in eight months I could put on shoes, I mostly walked with slippers or sandals.

Up to this stage I lost a total of 40 kg and after 7 months in bed I had no pressure sores! M

The staff at SBAH and Tshwane Rehabilitation Centre

Magdel and I want to thank all the staff of SBAH ward 6.4, ward 4.2, the multi discipline high care ward, ward 4.9 the intensive care unit as well as the staff of the Tshwane Rehabilitation Centre for the excellent care, treatment and support we received from them.  It was outstanding.

The professors

Prof. Hennie Bekker, Prof. Karusseit and Prof. Pretorius are brilliant in what they do.  Prof. Karusseit was in charge of my treatment throughout my stay in SBAH.  Prof. Bekker is in charge of the whole surgical department and gave special attention to my case. Prof. Pretorius was in charge of my treatment while in ICU and ward 4.2, the multi discipline high care ward.

The doctors

The doctors were absolutely committed to the treatment they gave me.  Dr. Sipeng was the first doctor to treat me when I was initially admitted to SBAH.  He came and explained to me that I was a very sick man although I didn't feel that sick.  The infection level in my body was 296 where it was supposed to be no higher than 10.  Dr. Hartley then took over from him and he performed the operation on me to put the drain pipe to my side to drain the last part of the abscess.  Then Dr. De Lange joined them and he was involved right up to the time I was in ICU. Dr Samuels did the operation to insert the tubes in my brain to relieve the pressure.

When I was transferred to high care unit, Dr. Vlok and Dr. Odendaal and Dr. Stears took over my treatment.  Their support and encouragement was wonderful.  Dr. Odendaal arranged that a song group from her church, with Whitey and Elna as the leaders, came and ministered to me in song in ICU, High Care and in Ward 6.4.

Once back in ward 6.4 Drs. Ntizi, Maharaj, José and Lotriet continued the treatment till I was discharged and did a wonderful job.

The sisters and nurses

The sisters and nurses in SBAH and the Rehabilitation centre were so helpful and caring that I just have to mention it in this testimony.  They went out of their way to make my stay in hospital as comfortable as possible.  Their support for Magdel was wonderful.  It was an experience she will never forget.  They prayed and cried with her and always encouraged her to stand strong because Jesus Christ is in control.

We would like to thank them for all the care and support they gave us.

The physiotherapists and occupational therapists

A group of people that just have to be mentioned for the commitment they showed.  They have faithfully put a lot of effort into treating me. Among the physios I have to mention Ethel, Brenda, Michelle and Liesl. Ethel has become a very dear friend.

The occupational therapists became such dear friends and their love and effort I will never forget. They were Ashley and Janelle. There was also a black lady that was so committed but I cannot remember her name.

The recovery I experienced was helped along by this committed group.  Some of the treatment was very painful but the results excellent.

Our deepest appreciation for the prayer and encouragement by the volunteers of HospiVision, especially Gideon Kriel for his prayers and encouragement.


Today exactly one year ago I was admitted to ICU.  We are so thankful to our Almighty Father that He carried us through this training period and with such a fantastic recovery testimony. Today I can walk normally, I can drive our car, shower and go to the toilet - something anybody would appreciate, for I was on nappies for more than 5 months while in the ICU, Multi Discipline High Care Unit and back in Ward 6.4.

As we go back the hospital to visit the staff and again thank them for their wonderful care and commitment to us, they are amazed and overjoyed to see how wonderful my recovery has been. Once again we want to say that all the glory goes to our Almighty Father.  It was His power, love and mercy that raised me up and kept Magdel standing.

Again we want to thank our children: Willemien and Philip with Luné and Anjé; Willemien who stood with Magdel by phoning the other daughters with whatever news there was. Karlien and Riaan with Kevin who I believe went through a terrible time because they are staying in Amanzimtoti and could not be there to see the how things were going. Christélle and Lukas with Martinus for their love and support. The members of the Fellowship that so faithfully phoned, visited and supported us, all our Christian brothers and sisters, our family and all our friends for their support.
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